Nikon SB-800 speedlight set at 1/128 s, camera settings: shutter 1/320 s, aperture f/14, ISO 800

Had a super fun night with the Purdue Photography Club. We had several props to use in playing with high-speed photography. I sat down with a small container of milk, various food coloring dyes, and some dish detergent. Using the milk as my canvas we produced some really interesting paintings, metaphorically, and captured some great Read More →

Old Bell Air Drive In sign along Route 66 in Mitchell, Ill

Some people think I’m crazy for not jumping on a plane and flying to wherever I’m going on vacation. No, I like jumping in the Jeep and driving across the country. Growing up my family always drove across the country to Montana to visit relatives. I love seeing the country, it’s so vast, so much Read More →

FujiFilm X30 shot with Miniature Filter

Recently we made a trip down to Turkey Run State Park. An extremely terrain diverse park that can be a photographers dream, and a darn good place to hike around. It was the first big outing for my new FujiFilm X30 and I was looking forward to having some fun shooting with this little camera. Read More →