Photograph taken at Little Man Ice Cream in Denver, CO.

I just returned from a week out in Colorado and it made for a further testing ground with my new FujiFilm X30. As you may have seen in my previews post, FujiFilm X30 Miniature Filter Fun, I am really enjoying the creative way I can express my photography with the built in filters of the Read More →

Old Bell Air Drive In sign along Route 66 in Mitchell, Ill

Some people think I’m crazy for not jumping on a plane and flying to wherever I’m going on vacation. No, I like jumping in the Jeep and driving across the country. Growing up my family always drove across the country to Montana to visit relatives. I love seeing the country, it’s so vast, so much Read More →

FujiFilm X30 shot with Miniature Filter

Recently we made a trip down to Turkey Run State Park. An extremely terrain diverse park that can be a photographers dream, and a darn good place to hike around. It was the first big outing for my new FujiFilm X30 and I was looking forward to having some fun shooting with this little camera. Read More →

FujiFilm X30 shot with Velvia/Vivid Film Emulation

For a few years now I’ve been wanting a small, lightweight, carry around camera. One that I can take with me out on the streets of Chicago or hiking up a mountain. One that will produce great images but not something where I’m super concerned about high quality I’m going to post it on a Read More →