During a fun time of demonstrating studio lighting, I pulled out my FujiFilm X30, threw the wireless trigger on the hot-shoe and proceeded to see how the X30 would perform in a studio type scenario. Once again it didn’t disappoint. I have to say this is definitely the little camera that could! Shooting in manual mode, it behaved just as any DSLR would. The only challenge was the EVF. Since the scene displayed, in either the EVF or back LCD, is based on the cameras settings, I could not see a thing of the model. I was shooting at ISO 320, 1/125s and an aperture of 5.6; so needless to say the EVF and LCD registered nearly nothing as the ambient light was too low for these settings. I could barely make out the model when I looked through the EVF and it was a challenge to setup the shot. To me I’ve proven that the X30 can definitely handle it, just need to figure out how to compensate for the EVF/LCD issue.

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