Some people think I’m crazy for not jumping on a plane and flying to wherever I’m going on vacation. No, I like jumping in the Jeep and driving across the country. Growing up my family always drove across the country to Montana to visit relatives. I love seeing the country, it’s so vast, so much out there to be discovered. Along with my love of driving is my love of seeing history in person. Route 66, the Lincoln Highway, the history out there fascinates me and I love stopping to see it when I can as I travel. I wonder of the people who lived in those times. How amazingly challenging it was to travel long distances. It’s said on a good day pioneers could cover 10 miles with a horse and wagon. On my first day of driving to Colorado this year I covered nearly 900 miles. It would have taken pioneers 90 days, that’s 3 months, mind blown.

Here’s a couple of shots I took with my FujiFilm X30 from our drive to Colorado.

FujiFilm X30 Classic Chrome Film Emulation

Old Bell Air Drive In sign along Route 66 in Mitchell, Ill

FujiFilm X30 Classic Chrome Film Emulation

Old gas station in Goodland Kansas

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